About us

Rusty Road 2 Recovery is a social enterprise CIC Asset Locked Company.

It was formed in 2018 over a cup of tea. Our aim was to help people suffering with their mental health, while working on classic cars. Since the launch in December 2018 we have grown. Which has enabled us to offer recovery and mental wellbeing, by doing Airbrush Art, Wood Working, Copper Sculpturing, Metal Work and Classic Car Restoration.


We are offering a full day session rather than 1 hour a week. You can self refer or you can ask you Villlage Agent, Positive People, Social Worker, Carer to arrange a visit. 

Each and every person at Rusty Road 2 Recovery has lived experience with mental health so you will never be the odd one out. It is a very relaxed and friendly place to be.

So, please get in touch, pop in and meet us to have a cup of tea and a chat.

Tea is a driving force here at Rusty Road 2 Recovery!