We want and need you to be a part of this much needed service

We are a social enterprise and a non profitable organisation. With your help and support that makes this a truly exciting time for you to come on board and become part of what is going to be the start of this type of service in the area. this will help a huge range of people without giving them labels but to make them feel like they are also part of what we are doing. 

So, What can you do to help this new and exciting service to thrive?

We are actively seeking grants, financial funding and funding in kind. The money we raise will enhance and improve our current facilities, As this developed more full days will be offered. We foresee once fully operational RR2R will be able to help in the region of 75 people a week. 

We believe there is no other single organisation in the somerset region that see and help this number of people.

We believe in what we are doing and want you to believe and support us too. In return for your support we will use company logos on all of our media publications and show how your support has helped benefit Rusty Road 2 Recovery and continue helping people. 

Keeping up with modern times we also have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts which will be kept regularly updated by the participants and ourselves so you can check in and see our progress. We will also be doing a monthly update and a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of what is happening with all the projects, How they have grown and how we are having a positive impact on peoples lives. A big part of what we are doing will be published on regular intervals and with your consent, We want everyone to know you are a big part of what we are doing to help and support people that need our services. 



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