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Our new project car

This week has been very exciting as we welcome our new project car to the unit, a 1965 Morris Minor 1000.

Unloading the new project car

This first project car has been sourced so that we can use it with Mental Health Recovery Groups as a restoration project. Each week the mental health recovery group will meet at the unit so participants can take part in working on the vehicle so we can focus on restoring the car to its former glory.

Can we get our Morris Minor looking like this?

The recovery group day is split up into manageable sections. It starts with some time spent together having a hot drink in the lounge. The group then move into the workshop and begin work on various tasks on restoring the car. At lunchtime the group move into the lounge area.

Our lounge area, perfect for a cup of tea, a spot of lunch or simply a space to take to some time out

This space is also available all throughout the day if anyone needs to take some time out for themselves. After lunch the group take part in a recovery session. This is a therapeutic space for the group to spend some time looking at an aspect of mental health. The remainder of the day is spent in the workshop working on the vehicle.

As you can see the car is in quite a state of disrepair. The Rusty Road 2 Recovery workshop has all the tools needed as well as ramps and spray booth to restore the vehicle to its former glory. Once fully restored, the plan is to put the car up for sale in a classic vehicle auction. The group will go along to the auction to see the car sell. All of the money will go towards our ongoing work of supporting people with mental health difficulties to change their lives.

Although this project car is now in the workshop, we are still working on other projects for paying customers. These include a variety of restorations as well as general car repairs and servicing. Our PIP garage is available for those in receipt of PIP, DLA or state pensions.

The PIP garage charges £18.50 an hour, which is a considerably more reasonable price for car repair work than many garages. You can contact us via the phone or email and arrange to bring your car in for a free estimate with no obligations.

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