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Art Recovery

Our Art Studio all set up for a group to work in.

Rusty Road 2 Recovery have been working with a number of groups of people on airbrush painting skills. This form of painting uses stencils to create art. We have been using this art skill as a new take on art therapy. Here at Rusty Road 2 Recovery we work with small groups in sessions running from 10am until 4pm.

The day starts in a relaxed way with a hot drink, a sit down and time to chat to one another. The first art session then begins, lasting around 90 minutes. The lunch break is a great time for people to continue to get to know one another. After lunch is a recovery session followed by the second art session.

The social area is a nice chilled out space used for breaks, lunch and recovery sessions.

Throughout the art sessions the emphasis is on communicating and supporting one another. We encourage everyone to talk and help each other. This has proven to be very beneficial in bringing people out of isolation, depression, anxiety and so on. Although we are dealing with very serious conditions we encourage fun and laughter as this in its own right is great therapy.

Here is an assortment of the art that people in our groups have produced over recent weeks. In the near future we are looking to set up an Art Exhibition in an art space in Bridgwater. Please get in contact with us if you have a suitable space.

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