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A tale of a Rusty Road 2 Recovery car repair

I got a glum phone call one Saturday afternoon from the other half. He’d popped out in the car to Bridgwater to pick up something for a motorbike. “The car won’t start. Have we still got breakdown cover?” He was safely in the car park at a motorbike dealers having been in to buy something they didn’t have in stock. He called the breakdown service and monitored their progress to him via the handy app he’d just downloaded. “It still won’t start, it’s not doing anything.” The breakdown service swiftly diagnosed the starter motor was at fault and got the car started so he could get home.

Then came the inevitable wondering how to get the car fixed. The main dealer would cost a lot. Not sure which local garages are currently recommended. Then the other half suggested Rusty Road 2 Recovery. “Would your friends there be able to do it?” “I guess so,” I replied, “they’ve got the ramps needed to be able to lift the car to access the engine for the starter motor.” So, we gave them a call.

A quick phone call confirmed they would be able to do it and with that we hurried off to see if we could get it started by pushing it down the hill. Luckily, this was avoided as the car decided to start itself. I followed the other half down to Bridgwater on the A38 and into town to the Colley Lane Industrial Estate. The other half found the unit easily on Axe Road and kept the car going outside while I popped in to let them know we were there.

The unit has a huge rolling door on the front which was opened for us, so it was easy to drive straight in. There was a space on the ramps ready for our car to be looked at so we handed the keys over. They sourced the part for us. Of course, it could have been one of two starter motors, but you can’t tell which until you have looked at the VIN plate on the car. The very next day we had a phone call to say the job was done and that we could come down and collect the car.

We went down and collected the car that day. The other half was impressed. No oily smudges had been left anywhere on the vehicle; he’s had bad experiences in the past at other garages. It was a fantastic, swift and efficient service from Rusty Road 2 Recovery with polite and friendly staff. The bill was split up in to parts and labour which was explained to us and we got a stamp on our loyalty card!

If you need work done on your car, give Rusty Road 2 Recovery a call on 01278 431864 and get booked in. There is a special rate for people in receipt of PIP, but the garage is open to anyone at a lower rate than other garages charge. Get work done on your car and help out a vital project.


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