Airbrush therapy 

This is a totally new take on Art Therapy, we have learnt that Art Therapy is a good tried and tested way of communicating. Art can be hard for some to do but we can change that. We have spent many months devising different stencils so even if you are not artistic you can create a great work of art.


 We will be running small groups of 5, the programme will run from 10.00 am to 4pm the emphasis is on communicating with everyone in the group and what better way to start with a tea or coffee. We will then start with the first art session which will last for around 90 minutes, We will then take a break for lunch. After lunch we then lead into our tried and tested recovery session. If you would like to know more about these please ask for more information.


We will then move onto our second art session. While the art sessions are in progress, we encourage one another to talk and help each other. This has proven to be very beneficial bringing people out of isolation, depression, anxiety and many other ailments people are suffering with. Although we are dealing with very serious conditions we encourage fun and laughter as this in its own right is great therapy.